Technical Textile Coatings - working in partnership with our customers

Commission Services

Technical coatings on your own fabric, engineered to suit your needs.

Commission coating forms an important part of Stormproofing’s business activity. Based on your own fabric, we use a combination of textile and polymer technology in conjunction with our considerable expertise. By working closely with you throughout the process, we provide bespoke technical coatings, engineered to meet your specific requirements.

Whether the requirements are based on your own detailed high performance specifications or less complex properties, the first step in determining the right solution is simply to contact us to discuss your particular needs. At this initial stage we can produce laboratory coatings applied to your own fabric thereby providing you with an actual small scale sample for your evaluation and upon which you can comment before committing to any further development work.

We are able to process fabric up to a direct coated width of 2.3 metres (2 metres for extrusion coated products), also offering other services such as centre slitting, edge trimming and calendering.

Typical fabric end uses

  • Garment labels
  • Weatherproof garments
  • Hot air balloons
  • Horse blankets
  • Fire blankets
  • Roller blinds
  • Industrial
  • Wipe down table coverings
  • Sporting parachutes
  • Medical
  • Military