Technical Textile Coatings - working in partnership with our customers

Fabrics Processed

Both direct coating and extrusion coating require stable substrates, normally provided by woven fabric constructions. These fabrics can be composed of any of the major fibre generic types, examples being given below. Typically these fall within a weight range of 30-650gsm.

Generic Fibre Composition
Natural fibres Cotton, Linen,
Man-made Viscose rayon, Acetate, Glass fibre,
Synthetic Polyamide (nylons), Polyesters (including FR grades), Aramids, Vectran,
Mixtures Polyester/Cotton

Weave and yarn type can vary from taffeta, twill and satin to flat and textured yarns. As required we are also able to process more specialised technical industrial fabrics, adapting our processes and procedures where appropriate.

Direct Coating Extrusion Coating
2.3 metres maximum width 2 metres

Should you have specific specialised fabrics that you want to use or if you have particular questions concerning the processability or suitability of your material, then please contact us without delay.