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Products & Market Areas

Servicing the markets

Stormproofings, as a leading producer of a comprehensive range of coated technical textile fabrics, supplies products which find application within a wide and varied range of market areas. Because of this diversity of application, in order to establish a clear path to an engineered solution, each product and market area necessitates a thorough and detailed technological review of the customers’ specific requirements.

  • Inflatables: Gas inflatable coated fabrics, commonly used for Aerostats & Blimps
  • Military: Robust protective coatings for Rucksacks, Radomes, Aircraft Covers
  • Industrial: Specialised coatings for stab resistance, fire barriers, fire blankets
  • Marine: Liferaft buoyancy tubes, Liferaft Canopies, Survival suits, Dry suits
  • Medical: Patient slide sheets, pressure relief mattresses, allergen barrier coatings
  • Apparel: Breathable waterproof coatings for garments, horse blankets,
  • Sport and Leisure: Coated fabrics for Parachutes, Hot Air Balloons, Paragliders, Sportspitch covers
  • Household: Wipe-down table-coverings, roller blinds, shower curtains