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Tel: +44 (0) 161 205 5354

Call us today with your enquiry
Tel: +44 (0) 161 205 5354


A range of high performance coated fabrics for a multitude of end uses

As you’ll see from the array of impressive products below, our highly protected, high-performance fabrics have endless applications and can be reproduced in a multitude of Pantone colours.

Our range of outdoor and indoor waterproof and sun resistant fabrics are perfect for this application.

These can be manufactured into any shade required for bean bags, dog beds, and giant sofas.

Bean Bags

We currently supply various fabrics for outdoor car covers

The fabrics fully breathable, very soft and are designed to protect your car against the elements, fine dust, knocks, scrapes, and scratches.

Vehicle Covers

We’ve got man’s best friend covered

We produce fabrics for our beloved animals from beds and waterproof breathable coats to harnesses and seat covers for your car.


Pet Beds

We have a wide selection of fabrics for this end use…

Coated lightweight nylons and Polyesters, Ballistic Nylon, and ripstops.  We also have a selection of Cordura fabrics from 370Dtex 550Dtex and 1100Dtex.  All perfect for Day sacks, backpacks, Cases, and Larger travel backs and holdalls.


Other Aquability applications

As well as all the above applications the diversity of our Aquability process is vast, including… Tents, Shelters, Bivi Covers, Carseat Covers, Motorcycle Covers, Aeroplane covers, Windsocks and Kites

More Applications

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